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Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

There are many ways to take responsibility for society and overcome the world's climate challenges. We do this by working on what we know best - namely our know-how in technology and digitisation. For example, we are the mind behind solutions that reduce paper consumption and the number of trips to the bank. Now we are also working on creating software for the world's first self-propelled cargo ship. Clearly, it will save society from pollution equivalent to 40,000 truck traffic.

In this way, the entire energy consumption of society becomes smaller. Simply smart solutions that bring the world forward!

Our philosophy for a sustainable society also means that we keep track of our environmental impact. We measure our emissions, and in one of our latest projects, we are investing in planting trees in the rainforest.

We invest in sustainability

We want to find ways to contribute to a sustainable everyday life through our work. Here are some things we invest in to succeed with it:

  • Create sustainable, flexible IT solutions and services that help organisations limit their negative environmental impact
  • Reduce energy consumption in our own data centers and our offices
  • Focus on technology that allows us to have more digital meetings and to cancel trips by air and car
  • Continuously report CO2 to keep track of our energy consumption
  • Reduce paper consumption and recycle to reduce waste

We believe in the individual

With us, an investment in people is the same as an investment in the business. These are things we do to strengthen people we work with or come into contact with:

  • Assemble people with different backgrounds and competencies
  • Developing leaders who take responsibility
  • Carry out annual surveys to evaluate how employees feel and feel comfortable with us, and work with active change work based on the results of the surveys

We want to give back

We are committed to a fantastic nonprofit organization called Hello World! A few times a year, children and teens between the ages of 8 and 18 show up with us to learn about different forms of digital creation. Everything from Scratch, programming, web, game development, 3D graphics, and math is on the learning list these days!