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Code of conduct

Code of conduct

EVRY has a set of guidelines entitled Code of Conduct, covering a broad set of ethical issues. The Code of Conduct constitutes the basis upon which all our policies and procedures are built.

Business ethics are more than avoiding contravening laws. They are about how we behave towards each other and towards the outside world. Everybody associated with EVRY is responsible for following the rules and guidelines that are build on EVRY's basic values and that forms attitudes we all can be proud of.

At EVRY we want everyone to be involved in this and we want everyone to contribute to good business culture based on well-being and security. EVRY's Code of Conduct apply primarily to members of the board of directors, managers, employees, contracted consultants, and others acting on behalf of us.

It also applies to the subsidiaries in The Group. It is the line managers' responsibility to make sure that everybody is aware of, and complies with, these guidelines. As an employee or person associated to us you are obliged to become acquainted with and comply with the guidelines.

Those who infringe EVRY's rules and guidelines must be prepared to face the consequences that are in line with the infringement's type and scope. We shall comply with all applicable laws and governmental rules and regulations.

This also applies to internally determined guidelines. It is a personal responsibility of each individual to acquaint themselves with and adhere to the relevant standards and restrictions imposed by laws, rules and guidelines, including those relating to accounting matters.

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