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About EVRY

Company information

Did you know that you’re in contact with us almost every day? When you withdraw money in an ATM, when you buy a train ticket online and when you receive a digital message that you can pick up your package you purchased online. You've probably used our solutions more than once, where the team behind the scenes for these solutions is a great bunch of strategists, coders, analysts, industry experts, and future enthusiasts.

We are one of the Nordic region's largest tech and consulting companies with over 8,800 employees who work with everything from data center services and implementation of business systems, to expert advice and AI. Above all, we are obsessed with the possibilities of technology and digitalization, and to help people benefit from it. That is why we come to work every day. And also because we have so much fun together.

You are rarely alone in a large company, and therefore, cooperation is essential to us. When we are creating magic and delivering new solutions, we make sure to mix people with different skills, backgrounds, and personalities to maximize collaboration. When we recruit new stars to our teams, we are happy to do so with the help of gamification to erase unimportant things like gender, age, and appearance. Then knowledge and personality can emerge and dominate instead. When someone in the management team makes tough decisions, they speak with a mentor or two, because we believe it is vital to get new perspectives on things. And when CEO Per wants to get advice from the business, he offers meetings, serves waffles, and listens.

We have not always been as big and cool as we are today. Long before the internet and apps were implemented in everyday life, the foundation was laid back in 1962, to what is today's EVRY. Then we had a different name and focused more on punched cards than robot technology, but innovation, technology, and active participation in society were as central as now. Since then, over 50 years have passed, the technology has made fantastic progress, and around 70 IT-related companies have in one way or another contributed to creating the company we are today.