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Our Internship

Our Internship

Do you want an internship consisting of something more than getting coffee and filing minutes of meetings? Do you want a challenging, exciting, and evolving experience to kick start your career? If your answer is yes – do keep reading.

Be a part of our Innovation Hub!

Our internship is designed to challenge you and release your creativity in a field of your choice. The internship is a part of our Innovation Hub, where we develop and work with the latest technologies and trends in the industry. In our Innovation Hub, we're not waiting to be challenged by FinTech's and new players who disrupt the market – we take the bull by the horns and throw the challenge right back.

The internship is a program that runs three times a year, giving you the opportunity to create innovative concepts and share insights that help us into the future. As an intern, you help us by challenging us as a company and help our customers to pave the way for new ways.

A few of the exciting technologies you'll be working with are artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) landing, Cognitive computing, machine learning, Bank-as-a-Platform (BaaP), to name a few. You'll become an expert on your topic and to share your brand-new in-depth knowledge and predictions with your colleagues and the rest of the world.

Innovative processes are dependent on interdisciplinarity. Therefore, we want to emphasize that having candidates from a variety of backgrounds to EVRY's internship is something we value. An innovative mindset in combination with methodologies such as Design Thinking, Google Sprints, Agile, and LEAN is at the core of how you will work as an intern with us.

As part of the internship in Innovation Hub, you get the opportunity to work in a start-up-feel environment with the strength of over 8 000 friendly colleagues who have your back. It's a creative and ambitious environment that helps to move borders.

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Our Internship
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Our Internship
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