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Our Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program

Would you like to start your career at one of the largest tech and consultant companies in the Nordics? Here with us, you'll become part of a community of highly motivated professionals passionate about shaping the future.

Let's get started

There are several exciting opportunities for you as a newly graduated engineer or economist here at EVRY. But as we all know, those years spent gaining valuable knowledge at school doesn't always answer the question of – what do you want to do in life? To make that choice a bit easier, our Graduate Program offers two tracks to choose from, depending on where your passion lies:

The Rotation Track IT/Tech
For those who have fallen head over heels over software development and wants to know all the ins and outs of this magical field, we have a branch that consists of three different blocks. During one eventful year, you'll work with requirement engineering, development, and testing. The best part? You'll be doing it all IRL with our clients.

The specialist track.
For those who know what they want to do and want to do it now, we offer you a full year packed with hands-on learning within most of our roles in IT & Tech as well as business.

You'll be well taken care of no matter what.
Other than gaining valuable experience, all candidates will receive full coaching, exciting networking events with others just like you and the support from over 8 500 colleagues. You get to work together with your colleagues on challenging projects and will have excellent opportunities for development through our competency and career model.

Who might you be?
To understand and really thrive in the role, we believe that you are a driven person with a desire to learn and to share your knowledge with others. You are outgoing, have strong relationship skills, and enjoy working in close collaboration with customers.

How and when can I apply?
The application period for the graduate program is now open – don't miss out! Check out the links above for our different tracks.

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Our Graduate Program
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Our Graduate Program
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