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Do you want an exciting, useful and future-oriented apprenticeship? Would you like to become the best you can be, and gain something more than a trade certificate? If the answer is "yes," you should apply to our Apprenticeship program.

We want apprentices of all sorts!

We want to combine technology and subject-areas so we can build expert-consultants from scratch. Together with you as an apprentice, we will find a plan where we combine your wishes, your plans for the future and our ambitions to make you a real pro in your chosen field.

Fun times ahead, and so much more.
We offer certifications, a large network of friendly professionals, an excellent social environment, and a promise of always having fun at work. Oh, and there are also pretty good bonus schemes for those who take certifications during their apprenticeships.

Does this sound like you?
We want to develop those who embody the word grit, have the ambition to learn, and a passion for technology! Simply put, we're looking for those who want something more and who want to become the best IT-professional ever.

We work with lots of exciting partners, for example:
• Microsoft
• VMware
• Citrix
• Google
• Amazon

We'd love to see female applicants, but of course, everyone will be well taken care of. Don't miss your chance, get in touch with us at

Join our candidate pool!

Don't miss out on open vacancies and events
Dodge your FOMO