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Database operations

Poor response times on important business applications create dissatisfaction and are an enormous stress factor among employees in a business.

A great number of companies struggle with the challenges presented by long response times and poor performance of core and important applications. This could be attributed to the fact that the application's database is not healthy enough to perform optimally. Increased data volumes result in scaling issues. The company does not have the resources required for maintenance and improvement of operating procedures.

Faults often arise at a time when the IT organisation is inadequately prepared or when the necessary competence is not available. It takes time to start troubleshooting, and valuable time and data is lost.

With EVRY's Database Operation service, you can avoid exactly these situations, and minimise the consequences of these types of operating issues on databases for business-critical applications. Good organisation and active operating of the company’s databases helps secure good performance and response times on your business-critical applications.The interaction between applications and databases will see a vast improvement.

The result is more positive and efficient users, and increased business value in terms of your most important applications. Furthermore, you achieve visibility and control of costs, along with continuity through professional change management.

This service helps you secure good performance on your business-critical applications through:

  • High availability and good protection of your data
  • Good organisation of data
  • Backup in line with the agreed frequency and restore at the agreed time
  • Capacity management and handling of expansions (CPU, memory, disk and network)
  • Regular maintenance and securing of performance in line with changes in the utility model
  • Periodically controlled security updates (patching two or four times per year)
  • Quick response times, professional change management and change handling
  • Increased profits

The Database Operation service takes care of operations with monitoring and alerts, change management, troubleshooting and database administration in close cooperation with application and server operations.  This service can be delivered regardless of operational responsibility for the operating system and application, and we adapt the service to the needs of your business. We also take on the responsibility of following up on queries and error reports, from the time the case is registered until it is resolved.

The Database Operation and Application Operation services offered by EVRY provide good availability in terms of your business applications and data.

We have Norway's best expertise in database operation, with broad experience from market leading suppliers such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2 and MySQL. Round the clock operations that are manned by experts secure your data and uptime of business-critical systems.

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