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Backup and restore

More and more IT organizations recognize the importance and value of protecting business critical applications and IT infrastructure against downtime and data loss.

To achieve this, proven and reliable strategies for backup and restore need to be in place, and is an essential component in information security and crisis preparedness.

Backups make sure electronic data is copied, while restore is about bringing backup data back if needed. These tasks are in many ways trivial, but are essential for emergency response.

A backup routine can appear running for years, but restored data can turn out useless. The chances of reduced backup quality are numerous. We make sure your data is backed up according to a backup policy that is right for your business.

You can be assured that:

  • Required data is backed up
  • Deviations are detected and corrected
  • Disk volumes adjusted to meet storage needs
  • Backup policy is enforced
  • Data is restorable
  • Backups are kept separated from live data

Using backup and restore services from us, you can be confident that the data is not compromised or corrupted.

The services are based on the use of a central backup device for backing up data from a main storage device, or server disks. The quality and frequency of automated backups is monitored and corrective actions are taken if errors occur.

Backup solutions are kept in secure data centres with access control and use a dedicated backup network. Capacity is allocated as needed. Backup and restore activities are governed by standard practices and procedures.

Backup and restore services from EVRY give you benefits like:

  • Short backup windows, which increases uptime for applications
  • Rapid recovery of business critical data
  • Recovery of files and file systems with low error rates
  • Quick responses when ordering backups
  • Automatic monitoring and notifications of errors and discrepancies

We use software and hardware from the leading providers of data backup and storage solutions. Technologies such as caching and deduplication are used to continually streamline and improve our services. The solutions use robust and proven standards adapted to your business needs.

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