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Microsoft Azure leverages your investment in Microsoft environments

For years, EVRY and Microsoft have cooperated closely. As a consequence, EVRY has recently reinforced its commitment to Azure – the fast growing portfolio of hire-based cloud services that consists of analytics, data management, data bases, mobile services, networks, storage and online services. EVRY has made a focused effort to build know-how and structure capital in this field and as a result, many of the leading Azure experts in the Nordics are now on the EVRY team. 



Microsoft Azure is especially well suited for customers who have significant development invested in Microsoft environments, and who are looking to capitalise on this investment when taking their first steps into the cloud. Azure supports the technologies already in use by developers and IT staff alike. Open Source is also a well-established notion of Azure. The resulting scope of possibilities is thus extremely well-suited to small and medium sized organisations – whether startups or well established. 

EVRY offers Microsoft Azure both as a public cloud and as a private cloud with Azure Stack.

A private, Norwegian cloud
Azure Stack is a software platform that offers the same services and interfaces as Microsoft’s public cloud, but running on separate servers. This is a hybrid cloud solution that enables applications to run on servers as well as in the cloud, without having to be rewritten. The identical programming interfaces of Azure and Azure Stack see to this. Even in management and automation, we see this unified approach. 

Choosing a cloud service from EVRY gives you an experienced partner with industry leading know-how; one that has been involved all the way from traditional solutions up to today’s modern platforms. As one of only a few vendors in Norway, EVRY will offer Azure Stack as soon as it is released by Microsoft. The platform is delivered from EVRY’s advanced data centre at Gjøvik (a software-defined datacentre), ensuring high availability and data storage on Norwegian soil in one of Europe’s most secure data centres. EVRY offers a high degree of predictability, also when it comes to cost.

As a customer, you yourself decide which applications you would like to run in Microsoft Azure and Azure Stack.


Microsoft Azure Stack

Microsoft Azure Stack er et komplett sky-tilbud bygget på samme teknologi som Microsoft Azure, med maskinvare og plattform administrert av EVRY på våre datasentre i Norge og Sverige.

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