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Cloud Services: Turning necessity into opportunity

The cloud computing market is a fast-paced race of technologies, services, and platforms, each with their own specific strengths. 


“A multi provider strategy is becoming increasingly important”, says Gartner in its report “Cloud Wars” in August 2016.

Four global giants dominate the public cloud services market today as IBM, Microsoft, Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) compete for customers. Having established strategic partnerships with all four, EVRY has gained a unique position in being able to offer best-fit cloud solutions for any organisation. Our ambition is to become the best and most trusted public cloud advisor in the Nordics. 

EVRY is already one of the largest Microsoft partners in the Nordic region and is striving to become the first company in the Nordics providing services on Azure Stack to our customers.

In addition, the recently announced partnerships between EVRY and Google and Amazon Web Services (AWS) complete the most comprehensive and truly technology-agnostic cloud offering on the market.

However, EVRY has one more advantage: The strategic partnership between EVRY and IBM not only ensures access to a best-of-breed private cloud platform, but also instant access to the global public IBM Bluemix platform. This platform ensures efficient implementation, secure availability and global scalability for any cloud architecture the customer may select on Nordic soil. 

The industry-strength security and availability of the large cloud platforms means that organisations can focus on strategic IT and entrust security and compliance issues to cloud suppliers that command the industry-leading solutions and know-how.

The road to the cloud: EVRY helps our customers through the entire process, from analysis, advice and preparations through technology choice, implementation and all the way to delivering management and operations.

Combining this platform, our partnerships with industry leading cloud platforms, and EVRY’s solid competence and know-how on each of them, makes EVRY uniquely positioned to deliver the most successful cloud migration for any enterprise.

EVRY offers advisory, architecture, design, implementation as well as operations on these platforms using its own certified consultants in Norway, Sweden, and India. In cooperation with our customers, we create a cloud adoption strategy covering each step along the way; from cloud readiness assessment to cloud application analysis, architecture and design of the cloud solution, necessary training and governance setup – and finally we help the customer through the cloud transition and integration phases.

The cloud partnerships and delivery structure enables EVRY to deliver the cloud platform best suited for any organisation, of any type or scale, supported by the best technical competence and experience and infrastructure needed to help customers quickly realise the benefits of their migration to the cloud.

Our technology-agnostic approach enables us to advise customers on the which solution best fits their needs and requirements, to manage our customers’ hybrid or multi-cloud environments, and to take the end-to-end responsibility of our customers’ services. This will be supported by our highly skilled service- and helpdesk to maximize productivity and improve the efficiency of the end-users.

For any organisation today, the shift to the cloud is fast becoming a necessity. Let EVRY make it your opportunity.

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