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Information Management

A data warehouse provides a basis for consistent and quality-assured business analytics.

Solutions for optimal decision-making support provide a competitive edge that enables the business to react quickly and appropriately to conditions within and outside the business – and communicate this to the relevant parties. The data warehouse ensures correct quality-assured information that is consistent with applicable business logic and practice.

Most companies often have sufficient data but lack good opportunities to collate the data into meaningful information. This often leads to the data being extracted manually from business systems and implemented in Excel sheets before being collated into the decision-making information that is needed. This process is time-consuming and has major flaws. By using a data warehouse, the process for extraction, transformation of data and updating of information for business analytics is automated.

Optimal reporting and analysis solutions supplied by EVRY often contain a data warehouse that updates in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Thus, the core of the business analytics solution is automated and effective.

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