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Group consolidation

Consolidated accounts must be unambiguous, and the final accounts must be prepared smoothly, quickly and correctly.


Faster and more comprehensive reporting of quarterly and annual financial figures requires ever more effective internal processes combined with powerful tools for data capture and consolidation. Our solutions give group accounts a tool that provides a highly effective consolidation process in the business. The solution means that the business will achieve greater and deeper insight into its own financial data in an effective way and, through analysis, can provide improved support for strategic and operational decisions. There is full support for both local and international accounting principles and statutory reporting.

Familiar interfaces such as Excel can continue to be used as input, analysis and reporting tools without losing control of the basic data.

Our consolidation solutions can also be supplied as a cloud solution.

EVRY offers expertise, processes and solutions to streamline the consolidation process, ensure proper reporting and fulfilment of reporting requirements from owners and authorities. We have extensive experience in the implementation of consolidation solutions, and several of our customers are international and are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.


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