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Information services


Right information. Right place. Right time. Information is the lifeblood for businesses and for public sector organisations today. Without accurate, up-to-the-minute information, a whole range of critical decisions simply could not be made.

And for that, organisations need a reliable source. For more than 25 years, EVRY has been a leading supplier of business critical information to public and private sectors, distributing information from nearly 20 different databases.

From our experience working across a range of sectors, we've organised the databases into service areas, effectively a series of one-stop shops.

This means you can access the relevant information quickly and cost-effectively. What's more, our service platform lets you choose exactly how information should be accessed. And we work with you to adapt to your needs, making retrieval as efficient as possible.

  • Real property
  • Vehicles
  • People
  • Businesses
  • Credit
  • Value-added reports
  • Updating services
  • Data processing services.

Our content service platform offers the customers a choice of how their information will be made accessible. Together with customers and partners we make the necessary adaptations to ensure that users get the most efficient possible information retrieval.

Service Areas
Covering real property, vehicles, people, businesses, credit, value-added reports, updating services and data processing services

Online search across the broadest selection of databases:www.infotorg.no

Updating services
Giving your customers timely access to the latest high quality information

Integration Solutions
Matching and adapting databases to your business systems

Data Processing Services
We build, manage and maintain your own customer and production databases.