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Hydro - financial reporting

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Business solutions

Apps. Programs. Systems. Applications. Whatever we call them, they are what makes IT valuable. It’s what lets us do our jobs efficiently. Usually with a human at the keyboard or on the phone, but more and more fully automatic and with robots. We develop, implement, integrate, manage, consolidate and transform. Some of our competent, certified experts are probably located somewhere quite near you.

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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

The key to success often lies within. For a business to be competitive, and to stay that way, it has to operate as efficiently as possible.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Let us help you gain control over your information by utilizing a Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system.

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CRM is more than just new software. It's about building a better dialogue with your customers.

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SMART Productivity

At EVRY we turn cloud services into actual solutions to make sure you can fully focus on growing your business without being distracted by dealing with IT.

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Many enterprises face enormous challenges in the form of large datasets and employees who are unable to collaborate effectively. This situation has an impact on the environment.

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Efficient exchange of information, inside and out.

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Content services

Right information. Right place. Right time. Information is the lifeblood for businesses and for public sector organisations today. Without accurate, up-to-the-minute information, a whole range of critical decisions simply could not be made.

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Document services

Better customer relationships. Lower costs. Here's how you deliver.

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Our dedicated mobility team provides a holistic view on mobility, offering the market’s most complete end-to-end mobile solutions.

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Fieldworks increases efficiency at every stage from planning a task right through to completing it with the customer, immediately delivering improvements to the bottom line.

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