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User experience

Whether you want to save time, money or sell more, focus on good user experience is essential for success. This means that your solution has to be innovative, selling and gets motivated and loyal users.

Business, user, and technology

The key to success is to get business, users and technology to meet, overlap and pull in the same direction. Strategic decisions must be taken in relation to these three dimensions:

  • Users/customers must experience the service as user-friendly, motivating and attractive
  • Business must be defined, identified and prioritized
  • Technology must support the business and user, and be enforceable

 How we can help you:

  • Develop a strategy
  • Define business goals
  • Audience Analysis
  • Wire framing and prototyping
  • Interaction Design
  • Graphic design, copywriting
  • Testing and optimisation of existing solutions
  • Defining UX lifecycle
  • App design

Our User Experience (UX) consultants can be engaged as project resources for new projects, or as part of future development and optimisations of existing solutions. We have years of experience and methods to ensure high quality.


Within the user experience area, we are technology independent. Whether you have an app or a web page we provide the solution matching to the user's actual needs. You are free to use the platform you decide.

All the way

We prefer to be a part of a project all the way from start to finish. In our opinion an analysis describing the goals for the solution is the best starting point. Through workshops with you we create a strategy and a target group analysis.

On this basis we can make a prototype that presents sketches of the solution in detail. This prototype is presented in the same way as the target solution and can be viewed on the devices that will actually be used, for instance a smart phone.

This type of initial quality assurance is the best way to ensure that the course chosen is the best, before a target solution is to be implemented.

During the development process the UX designer is on hand to correct the course and deal with changes and opportunities that may arise during the development phase. We ensure effective communication and quick response to challenges.

User testing

It is good practice to test a solution with actual users as the functionality is in place. This ensures that the solution meets high standards of usability.

The best way to verify a design is by testing it with users. We recommend that you test early and often. An early user test will save many hours later in the development process, and a user test of the solution is helping to ensure the quality of the delivery. We can also test your existing solutions as part of a process related to redesign and expansion.

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