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Infrastructure consulting

Developing IT strategies that really deliver. A well-thought out IT infrastructure gives you an IT environment that functions, and is used, to the full. It saves time, money and frustration.

Our experienced consultants work from the bottom up and ensure that you benefit the maximum from your investment.

Today's integrated IT environments, with their interacting systems, have a new set of demands. A technical infrastructure that is adapted to your organisation's needs gives lower investment costs, lower response and processing times, a customised and flexible server environment and less need for local support.

Even more important is that a well-functioning technical infrastructure gives more rapid data access and decision support. The potential for communicating efficiently with customers and suppliers increases. A standardisation that builds on the company branches' different needs influences the organisation directly and means a cost-efficient IT environment.

Datacenter Efficiency

We can help you plan, develop and optimise an infrastructure platform for your business.

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Business collaboration

Solutions in Business Collaboration cover a broad area, which include elements such as real-time messaging, electronic meetings, telephony with answering services, email and calendar.

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Virtual Services

Virtualisation opens up new opportunities. A virtualisation means that several virtual servers are consolidated on a physical piece of hardware - and ...

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