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Application Advantage

Prepare your organisation for digital business with the next-generation application management. 

Application Advantage is EVRY’s framework for integrated application management, ensuring your successful digital transformation.


What really challenges organisations in the fast moving digital world is to be capable of developing better customer experience, creating new functionalities, adopting new technologies, and increasing speed and agility without compromising security, quality and cost. All this within existing organisations and budgets.

Modern application organizations therefore need to master two disciplines: A “Marathon” mode for their stable, predictable ongoing parts of the business, and a “sprint” mode for their agile, unpredictable sections.

“Digital business is the creation of new business designs by blurring the digital and physical worlds” (Gartner, 2016).

A new approach to applications
The traditional approach to application management, using linear processes, silo-based planning and a technology focus must be replaced with an holistic approach, incorporating both marathon and sprint, and supporting multiple layers of operations.

Using our framework “Application Advantage”, EVRY helps organisations realize their digital potential faster by simultaneously industrialising core business and enabling digital transformation through an optimized application portfolio.

Enabling your digital potential
By integrating your entire application stack, from infrastructure and operations to ongoing maintenance and new development and innovation, EVRY frees up your resources and increases your potential for improvement, modernisation, and innovation.

As a service and cloud integrator, EVRY integrates and consolidates your applications into an efficient solution – perfectly tailored to both your existing and future needs.  


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