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With constantly new and complex requirements for compliance and regulatory reporting are effective solutions a time-saving factor. EVRY offers solutions for the reporting of currency transactions (ERV), suspicious transactions in accordance the Anti Money Laundering law and banking statistics (RFS).

Anti-Money laundry involves staging data collected from different systems and that suspicious transactions are identified based on the profiles / rules in a separate application with the possibility of direct reporting to the authorities.

ERV collect data on cross-border payments, card usage and currency exchange which should be reported to Customs and Excise.

RFS (Reporting Financial Statistics) receives information from the company's business systems and calculates and provides the public banking statistics according to the SSB code division. RFS service includes more options for analyzing data and it automatically delivers reports to SSB on agreed dates.

Basel II Standard Approach receives information from the company's business systems, categorizes and calculates its credit risk of assets and off-balance sheet items according to the FTS code division. The service has its own calculation engine for the mass market portfolio.

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