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The autonomous revolution is coming

– We are working with Volvo to make a smart car in the same way smartphones are smart, says EVRY CEO Björn Ivroth to the «Revolve» magazine. – The car of the future should be a hub for services far beyond simple transport.

By: Maja Worren Legernæs/Revolve

Björn Ivroth is the CEO of EVRY, one of the top IT companies in the Nordic region with over 10.000 employees. With proficiency and ample experience, they strive to give their customers the upper hand using the latest technologies and ideas. EVRY provides service to over four million people every day, ranging from private corporations to public sector organizations.

We at Revolve NTNU were so fortunate as to have Mr. Ivroth as our guest during this year’s RevolveDagen, where he presented his company and their vision to the students at NTNU. Below are parts of our interview with Björn Ivroth from RevolveDagen, translated into english:

1. In your opinion, what is the most innovative project that you are currently working on?

We do work with a lot of exciting projects, but one thing that comes to mind is our cooperation with Volvo, where we are trying to create a smart car. That is, we want to make a car into the same sort of versatile tool as a smartphone, with an app store where external suppliers can create and provide their services. We want the car to be a hub for these services, so that when you park your car at your workplace, the car can be tanked, washed and serviced while you are at work. Your groceries could also be delivered to your vehicle, so that when you are done for the day, the shopping is already taken care of. There is so much happening with the innovative technologies these days, I wish I was 25 and newly graduated again!

2. What inspired EVRY to support Revolve NTNU?

EVRY holds a large market share in Norway when it comes to IT services, and also in other nordic countries. This is why we need to be one step ahead of the curb, and push towards new technologies, techniques and ideas. To do this, we need not only the best minds, but also the people who are the most motivated to make this change. When students graduate, they all have a great amount of knowledge, but not everyone has that drive, and that is what we need! That is what it is all about!

3. Revolve are now aiming towards Formula Student Driverless, a new part of Formula Student where we build an autonomous Formula Student race car, and compete with this. In this context, do you feel that autonomous vehicles are relevant for the future, and if so, in what ways?

You know, I got to ride with the first autonomous bus in Oslo a few months back. It was an incredible experience, and I firmly believe in this concept. Robots are statistically better drivers than people, so this will be a positive contribution to safety. I also believe that this will be the start of a new way to consume cars: We might not even own our own cars, but rather order a lift as a service. This could be synchronized with our schedules, and therefore efficient and convenient. This would also reduce the number of cars made, which would be much more environmentally friendly than today’s industry. All of this could also be applied to the transportation industry, which has a huge environmental footprint as of today. So yes, I reckon that the autonomous revolution will happen, and it will be better than anything we have now!


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