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Vipps invoice moving beyond the app

(Oslo, 19 December 2017) EVRY and Vipps have entered into a strategic collaboration in relation to Vipps Invoice (Vipps Faktura) with the aim of making the processes associated with paying invoices simpler and more efficient for both businesses and private individuals.

165 million paper and PDF invoices are still sent to private individuals every year, and the agreement between EVRY and Vipps is a clear signal that this inefficient and expensive practice’s days are numbered.

Under the collaboration EVRY and Vipps will enable customers to receive and manage their invoices using either the Vipps app or online banking, mobile banking or another preferred channel. This will give consumers a simple and efficient overview of all their invoices in one place.

“Digitalisation is a question of giving users simple and secure choices. This collaboration with Vipps will give customers a completely automated value chain that will simplify the task of managing invoices. This will enable consumers to better check and monitor their payments”, explains EVP Wiljar Nesse, EVRY Financial Services.

“This is a breakthrough in the digitalisation and simplification of invoice payment in Norway. We have a clear ambition of ending the use of paper invoices, and with EVRY on side we are a big step closer”, explains Rune Garborg, Head of Vipps.

Putting an end to a specifically Norwegian problem

EVRY sends out approximately 60 million invoices on behalf of its customers each year, many of which are in paper form. With the new Vipps agreement, everything is in place for its customers to do everything electronically. EVRY will ensure that Vipps receives all the invoice information that it needs, and that consumers always have an overview of their invoices in the Vipps app or on the channel they prefer.

“The advantage of an electronic payment flow is that users have all the information they need in one place and have complete control over their payments. This is a good example of digitalisation making everyday life easier, while the solution will also be of significant environmental benefit”, comments EVRY’s Wiljar Nesse.

“It’s remarkable that, in the most digitalised country in the world, paper invoices are still so often used, and it is a peculiarly Norwegian phenomenon that they are still so widespread. It is high time this practice was disrupted, and we are trying to do something about this”, comments the Head of Vipps, Rune Garborg.

The solution will also help users to avoid unnecessary charges, as most payment reminders and overdue payment notices are due to people forgetting to pay or not receiving invoices.

Vipps Invoice makes it very easy to pay bills and also gives users a full overview of all their payments in their online banking. We think that when it comes to paying bills, customers will once again prefer the simplest payment solution”, comments Rune Garborg.

About the solution

EVRY’s new payment solution, which is part of its core banking and payment suite, is now integrated with Vipps. The payment solution, which processes all types of Norwegian and foreign payments for both the business and private markets, offers a cost-efficient and scalable platform with a modern interface and a short time to market. By starting to use the new payment solution, Vipps also gains access to EVRY’s specialist expertise in the payment area.