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EVRY central to the development of Microsoft Azure Stack

(Oslo, 11 July 2017) Microsoft’s new private cloud platform, Azure Stack, was launched earlier this week at Inspire, the company’s partner conference. EVRY has been central to the development of this platform and will be one of the first companies in the world to offer the solution.

EVRY helping out with Microsoft Azure Stack-development: From left Marius Sandbu, Erik Sundet og Helge Marcus Sætherhagen have been central in EVRYs cooperation with Microsoft in Azure Stack development. 

Microsoft has been one of EVRY’s most important strategic partners for many years, and over the past two years EVRY has been a key contributor to Microsoft’s Azure Stack Early Adopter program together with ten other companies from around the world. This has enabled EVRY to build up unique expertise that customers in the Nordic market will now be able to access.

As a central participant in Microsoft’s development program, EVRY has tested Azure Stack and provided important advice, including feedback to ensure the platform is well-adapted to conditions in the Nordic region. EVRY’s participation has seen it work closely with key figures from the Azure Stack program, sharing ideas and further developing the collaboration between Microsoft and EVRY. Microsoft’s development team has also worked with EVRY on ensuring Azure Stack will work optimally in EVRY’s operating environments.

“With the launch of Azure Stack, Microsoft is taking the next steps in the development of cloud services, and EVRY stands ready to help its Nordic customers. We will be one of the first companies in the world capable of offering a hybrid cloud solution that is based on Microsoft technology. With seamless hybrid integration between Azure and Azure Stack, our customers will be able to benefit from global scalability while having their processing power and data stored locally”, comments Tuomo Louhivuori, EVP for EVRY Cloud Services.

Complete cloud offering
Microsoft Azure Stack is a complete cloud offering built on the same technology as Azure, and it offers a range of the same possibilities. As the interfaces for the services are the same, Azure Stack enables uniform administration across hybrid solutions. This means that EVRY can deliver the same familiar functionality together with its own services, such as customer service and applications management, monitoring, backup, recovery and security services. The hardware and platform are administered and maintained at EVRY’s data centres in Norway and Sweden.

“Ever since the first beta version of Azure Stack was released nearly two years ago, we have tested and planned distribution at our data centres in Norway and Sweden. We regard Azure Stack as a very good supplement to our other cloud solutions, as we can offer a lot of functions and platform services from Microsoft in addition to our own services”, adds Tuomo Louhivuori.

Azure Stack gives users a standardised cloud solution with data storage in the country in which they operate. It also offers better control over who administers the data, superior performance, pay-as-you-go pricing, and simple up and down scaling. Other significant benefits are that Azure Stack is constantly being developed with access to new functionality automatically provided, and that no up-front investment is needed.

Microsoft Azure Stack – your private cloud!

EVRY is among the first vendors in the Nordics to deliver hybrid cloud services based on Microsoft technology. As a customer you get global scalability in the cloud but local data sotrage, administered by EVRY.learn more on our Azure Stack web pages!

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