About EDB ErgoGroup's annual statistics

About EDB ErgoGroup's annual statistics EDB ErgoGroup is responsible for IT operations for the major part of internet banking and minibank traffic in Norway.

EDB ErgoGroup also develops and provides operating services for a range of other banking applications. EDB ErgoGroup's statistics relate to traffic handled by EDB ErgoGroup's systems, which represents a large proportion of the total number of transactions carried out in Norway annually.

EDB ErgoGroup has estimated total figures for Norway based on EDB ErgoGroup's market share and the assumption that the remainder of the market has experienced the same trends as those seen for the transactions handled by EDB ErgoGroup's systems.

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EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic region. Through ideas, technology and solutions, EVRY brings information to life, creating value for its customers' businesses and making a positive contribution to society. EVRY combines extensive industry experience with a customer centric approach, and international capabilities with local presence to help customers realise the full potential of IT.

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